Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle: Where Humans are Caged and Monkeys Run Wild!

Monkey Jungle, located in South Miami, Florida, is a captivating 30-acre zoological park that offers a unique experience for both locals and tourists. Established in 1933 by Joseph DuMond, Monkey Jungle was initially intended to exhibit and study endangered monkeys in semi-natural habitats. Today, it is home to over 300 primates, making it one of the few protected primate habitats in the United States that the public can explore.

A Primate Paradise: Exploring Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle offers visitors an extraordinary adventure as they walk through the park on a caged walkway while observing various primates in their semi-natural habitats. It is a thrilling experience to see monkeys roam freely, providing an up-close encounter with these incredible creatures. The park also houses other fascinating animals, including lemurs, sloths, turtles, tortoises, and even a Rhino iguana.

The Fascinating History of Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle has a rich history dating back to its inception in 1933. Joseph DuMond, an aspiring animal behaviorist, released six Java Monkeys into a dense tropical forest, laying the foundation for the park. Unable to secure government funding for primate studies, DuMond decided to open the park to the public, leading to the unique concept of caging the guests to protect them from territorial monkeys.

Unveiling the Secrets: Archaeological Discoveries at Monkey Jungle

In 1994, an archaeological dig conducted by Robert S. Carr revealed captivating discoveries in naturally occurring sinkholes on Monkey Jungle’s property. Fossils dating back over 10,000 years were unearthed, including those from the American Lion, Dire Wolf, Pleistocene horse, and camel. These findings make Monkey Jungle one of the most significant sites for such discoveries in Florida.

Monkey Jungle


14805 S.W. 216 St.
Miami, FL 33170

Average Visit Time:
2 to 3 hours

Hours of Operation:
Open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The ticket office closes at 4 p.m.


King’s Journey: The Relocation Campaign for a Western Lowland Gorilla

In 1977, King, the adult male Western Lowland Gorilla, gained prominence as the face of a campaign to relocate him to the Atlanta Zoo for resocialization. The campaign gained momentum and caught the attention of renowned primatologist Jane Goodall. Eventually, in 2001, Monkey Jungle built a larger enclosure for King, providing him with an enhanced living space.

Experiences that Amaze: Monkey Jungle’s Unique Offerings

Monkey Jungle offers a range of experiences and presentations tailored to each area and exhibit within the park. Let’s explore some of the remarkable experiences you can have:

Dive into the Wild: Wild Monkey Swimming Pool & Trail

The Wild Monkey Swimming Pool & Trail exhibit invites guests to witness the Java Macaques, Monkey Jungle’s iconic primates. These monkeys, native to Southeast Asia, thrive in this 7-acre exhibit designed to replicate their tropical habitat. Visitors may even have the opportunity to observe the macaques diving into the pond in search of snacks—an incredible sight.

Cameroon Gorilla Forest: Encounter the King

Enter the Cameroon Gorilla Forest and come face-to-face with King, Monkey Jungle’s majestic Western Lowland Gorilla. King resides in his spacious 10-acre enclosure, carefully designed to resemble his natural habitat. Observing King in this environment offers a rare glimpse into the world of these powerful creatures.

Immersed in the Amazon: The Amazonian Rainforest Exhibit

The Amazonian Rainforest exhibit transports visitors into the lush world of the Amazon Rainforest. This expansive exhibit, North America’s only semi-natural tropical rainforest, provides an immersive experience. The monkeys residing here live without forced human contact, allowing guests to witness their natural behaviors up close. Three remarkable monkey species thrive in this exhibit:

Squirrel Monkey: With approximately 125 individuals, Monkey Jungle’s Squirrel Monkeys are the second most abundant species in the park.

Black-Capped Capuchin: Identified by the raised black fur or “cap” on their heads, these intelligent monkeys actively participate in programs aiding human quadriplegics.

Red Howler Monkey: Recognizable by their distinctive red fur and black face, Red Howler Monkeys are the largest of the three species in the exhibit. The males’ roar-like vocalizations can be heard over a mile away.

Wings of Love: Parrot Sanctuary at Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle is proud to be home to the Wings of Love Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a sanctuary for displaced or neglected parrots. The foundation houses the birds in large geodesic domes alongside companions of the same or different species. Natural foliage within the domes enhances the well-being and security of the birds, creating a harmonious environment.

DuMond Conservancy: Protecting Primates and Tropical Forests

The DuMond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests serves as Monkey Jungle’s not-for-profit science and education affiliate. Comprised of staff, volunteers, and students, the conservancy collaborates with academic institutions and conservation groups to study primates and their vulnerable habitats. 

By leveraging Monkey Jungle’s unique environment, the conservancy aims to enhance understanding, improve primate welfare, and contribute to primate conservation efforts.

Promoting Primate Research: The DuMond Conservancy’s Mission

The DuMond Conservancy focuses on various aspects of primate research, including ecology, biology, and development. These studies not only shed light on the lives of nonhuman primates but also provide valuable insights into the human condition. Through collaborations with academic institutions and conservation groups, the conservancy aims to develop effective strategies for enhancing the well-being of primate populations.

Owl Monkeys: From Research Labs to the DuMond Conservancy

The DuMond Conservancy serves as a safe haven for Owl Monkeys previously used in research laboratories. Florida’s warm climate allows these monkeys to enjoy freedom within a multi-acre forest habitat or large enclosures with lush vegetation. The conservancy’s dedication to providing a nurturing environment allows these monkeys to thrive in their newfound freedom.

Inspiring the Next Generation: Youth Education at DuMond Conservancy

The DuMond Conservancy at Monkey Jungle provides immersive and inclusive learning opportunities for South Florida’s youth. Through engaging programs, young individuals can explore topics such as primate conservation, STEM-related subjects, and primate behavior. This initiative ensures that all interested individuals, regardless of their backgrounds, can access valuable education about primates and conservation efforts.

Location and Contact Information

If you’re eager to visit Monkey Jungle or have any inquiries, here are the essential details you need:

Location: 14805 S.W. 216 St., Miami, FL 33170
Telephone: (305) 235-1611
Amenities: The park offers bus parking, concessions, and friendly and multilingual staff.
Average Visit Time: Plan for a memorable experience that lasts between 2 to 3 hours.
Discounts: Monkey Jungle provides discounts for military personnel and senior citizens.
Guest Information: Monkey Jungle is a family-friendly destination, ensuring enjoyment for visitors of all ages.
Hours of Operation: The park welcomes guests from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. The ticket office closes at 4 p.m.
Tour Information: Explore the park at your own pace with self-guided tours that typically last up to 2.5 hours.
Tour Type: Monkey Jungle offers nature tours, immersing visitors in the beauty of the natural world.


Monkey Jungle in South Miami, Florida, is a captivating zoological park that combines adventure, education, and conservation. With its unique caged walkway concept and extensive range of primate species, Monkey Jungle offers an unrivaled experience for visitors. Encounter rare monkeys, witness the grandeur of gorillas, explore the wonders of the Amazon Rainforest, and support vital primate research at the DuMond Conservancy.

Plan your visit today and unlock the wild world of Monkey Jungle—an unforgettable adventure for both tourists and locals seeking a truly unique and informative experience in Miami’s backyard.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Monkey Jungle is currently open ONLY for scheduled tours offered three times a day: 10:00 am, 12:15 pm, and 2:30 pm. Tours are $150.00 per Explorer. Call Monkey Jungle for details.

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